March 03, 2017

Soft Water Tips

CONGRATULATIONS- Enjoy the time and money saved from installing a (NELSEN or company name) Water Softener

You bought the best appliance for your home by investing in a (NELSEN or company name) water softener.  This softener literally saves you time, and will pay for itself quickly in savings on soap, detergent, shampoo, beauty products and other household cleaning products.  Remember, you also get water heater and dishwasher energy savings, while minimizing future plumbing and appliance repairs.  What a GREAT DEAL!


1.    Use SOLAR salt in your softener for more trouble free operation (brand does not matter).  Pellet salt tends to “mush” and create problems in the salt tank.  KCl (Potassium Chloride) tends to “cement”, especially in the brine pick up assembly, which causes service problems AND the KCl costs 3-4 times more.

2.    DISHWASHER TIP:  clean your scaly dishwasher with LEMISHINE, available at major groceries, Walmart, etc.
a.    Scrape and rinse food particles off of plates, but pre-washing is not necessary
b.    Do not use too much detergent!  NO MORE THAN 2 TABLESPOONS for a full load of dishes.  Using too much detergent may cause permanent damage, or chemical etching, on your glassware and may tarnish flatware!  Use less detergent, and see your dishes sparkle without “Jet Dry”.  Too much detergent leaves a white powder residue in your dishwasher and leaves a film or residue on your dishes.  See item C.
c.    Sometimes the water heater is a long distance from the dishwasher.  Washing with lukewarm water or cold water does not get the dishes clean.  Dishwasher operation costs considerably more for the dishwasher heating element to heat the cold water, especially in the sanitizing mode.  WHILE LOADING THE DISHWASHER, RUN THE HOT WATER TO RINSE PLATES, GLASSES AND SILVERWARE, THEN turn on dishwasher immediately, so the dishwasher fills with hot water.  Your dishes will be sparkling clean, you use less detergent, less energy and less time. 

a.    USE LESS DETERGENT- with softened water, a full load of laundry now only needs 1/3 to ½ a cup of detergent.  Too much detergent costs you money, and may not get rinsed out effectively.  Residual soap in linens and clothing may cause skin irritation.
b.    Cold water and warm water washing is now significantly more effective with a lot less detergent, saving you money while keeping your colors brighter and your delicate items are much softer.

a.    USE LESS SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, SOAP, etc.  Too much may cause longer rinsing, is wasteful, and costs you more money!  Use enough shampoo to get a good lather, and far less conditioner for great results.
b.     soft water minimizes dry skin problems, too, which saves on body lotion costs 
a.    Toilets- soft water minimizes scale from forming in the bowl, meaning LESS TIME CLEANING TOILETS and fewer toilet chemicals.  Toilet tank fill and flapper valves last longer, too.
b.    You still need to clean showers and tubs.  Simply wipe shower doors, faucets and fixtures, tubs, etc after use.  No more Lime Away, CLR, or abrasive cleaners, and no more time consuming scrubbing.
c.    Use RO water first for stain removal—pure water cleans most spills/stains without chemicals!

ENJOY YOUR TIME OFF AND THE MONEY YOU SAVE.  You were wise to purchase a long lasting water softener from a NELSEN CORP authorized dealer.  PLEASE REFER US TO YOUR FRIENDS! 

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