NRO 440 Series

​The NRO 440 Series is designed for Commercial or Light Industrial applications requiring flow rates of 0.17-6.9 gallons per minute (GPM). The NRO 440 Series features the durability of a powder coated steel frame, an optional complete performance monitoring package, and simple system integration.

Features & Benefits

  • ​Stainless Steel Multi Stage Booster Pumps card icon
    ​Stainless Steel Multi Stage Booster Pumps

    ​Some of the most durable booster pumps available. The SignaSeal floating impeller design minimizes thrust loads allowing for continuous operation without damage to motor bearings, mechanical seal, or pump hydraulic components.

  • ​Pump Mounting System card icon
    ​Pump Mounting System

    ​The Stainless Steel Booster Pump mounts to a separate bracket and slides onto the frame making field repairs and service easy.

  • Powder Coated Frame card icon
    Powder Coated Frame

    ​A carbon steel frame for strength & rigidity is powder coated for long life & durability.

  • High Flow TFC Low Pressure Membranes card icon
    High Flow TFC Low Pressure Membranes

    Additional element types & ratings available.

  • High flow 5 micron front mounted prefilter for ease of service
  • Float switch & pretreatment interlocks - standard on all systems
  • Pump throttle valve & pipe mounted discharge pressure gauge
  • Panel mounted concentrate pressure gauge
  • Permeate & concentrate flow meters
  • Low pressure mechanical switch w/time delay snubber valve
  • Integrated recycle valve
  • High quality gloss 300 psi FRP housings - stainless housings available
  • Quick connect fittings on gauges & recycle operation for ease of service
  • Replaceable schedule 80 pvc fittings for ease of field repairs
  • Stainless braided hoses for protection against corrosion, leaks & fraying
  • True union couplings on inlet & outlet of motor. No plumbing disassembly required for change out
  • Glycerin filled gauges for accurate & steady pressure readings

Additional Resources

Optional Equipment
  • NRO System Controller

    ​Digital Display Electronic Control Box - The RO Control Box controls all the functions of the RO system. It also incorporates a TDS monitor as well as feed water temperature. It also controls the timing sequences of the solenoids and low pressure switch, which are impossible to control mechanically. In addition it gives a time delay for motor start and controls the float switches. It also controls higher functions such as the fast flush or permeate flush when ordered with the system. The Control Box has four different switchable programs installed. Custom controller programming is available to each customers preference as well as custom graphics.

  • NRO Chip Controller

    ​The Chip Control Box is an economical option for a RO controller available for both the SIMPLX and NRO-440 systems up to 4 membranes. The smaller modular design allows for easier assembly, service and flexibility with a clean and logical layout. It features 6 LED lights to indicate system operation of the RO Unit. The controller removes the need for a low pressure switch to control the pump and a start delay to prevent system cycling. A switching power supply operates on 96-264VAC, automatically adjusting to operating voltage. Voltage at the supply terminals is the voltage for the pump and valves. The controller allows for tank level, system flushing.

  • Nelsen Repressurization System

    Repressurization Systems - pre-plumbed and ready to use when you receive them. These systems are custom built to your specific application. Included in the plumbing package 1" inlet threaded bulkhead fitting, float switch with 20 foot cord, 1/2" overflow threaded bulkhead fitting w/plug and 1" bulkhead fitting at bottom of tank w/1" foot valve. All plumbing is pre-installed in your choice of storage tank size.

  • Custom Graphics

    Custom Graphics - Use your logo or brand name to upgrade the appearance of your systems and strengthen your brand. Or, add value for your customers by providing custom branding.

  • Gauges

    ​​Additional System Gauges - Additional panel mounted pressure gauges for additional system monitoring.

  • Bladder Tank

    Bladder Tank Control - used to charge a pressurized bladder tank instead of atmospheric storage. Used when smaller quantities of RO water is needed. Storage is restricted by pressure tank size. All controls and components are included to pressurize the bladder tank including check valve and pressure switch.

  • Permeate Flush

    Permeate Flush - uses the RO permeate water for flushing foulants from the system. Soaking the RO elements during standby with permeate can help dissolve scale and loosen precipitates, reducing the frequency of chemical cleaning.

  • NRO Wall Mount Frame

    ​Wall Mount Frame - easily mounted to walls when floor space is limited.

NRO440 System Specifications

Model NumberNRO-F-1440F-1600-3NRO-F-2440F-3200-3NRO-F-3440F-4800-3NRO-F-4440F-6400-3NRO-F-5440F-8000-2NRO-F-6440F-10000-2
Production1600 gpd3200 gpd4800 gpd6400 gpd8000 gpd10000 gpd
Membrane4 X 40 (1)4 X 40 (2)4 X 40 (3)4 X 40 (4)4 X 40 (5)4 X 40 (6)
Perm GPM1.
Feed GPM67891011
Recovery w/Recycle19%-30%50%-75%50%-75%50%-75%50%-75%50%-75%
Pump1 HP1 HP1.5 HP1.5 HP3 HP3 HP
FLA 60HZ 1Ø 22019.2/9.619.2/9.6*/12*/12*/15*/15
Circuit Size20/15A 20/15A15A15A20A20A
Inlet3/4"3/4"3/4"3/4"1" Big Blue®1" Big Blue®
Permeate 1/2"1/2"1/2"1/2"1"1"
Shipping Dims34"x34½"x58½"34"x34½"x58½"34"x34½"x58½"34"x34½"x58½"34"x34½"x58½"34"x34½"x58½"
Weight lbs.124 lbs.149 lbs.158 lbs.169 lbs.211 lbs.224 lbs.
Max Operating Pressure160 psi160 psi160 psi160 psi160 psi160 psi

The stated product performance is based on data taken after 30 minutes of operation at the following test conditions:  2,000 mg/L NaCl solution at 225 psig ( 1.5 MPa) applied pressure, 15% recovery, 77o F (25o C), pH 6.5–7.0. Minimum pressure of 35psi dynamic. Maximum operating pressure is 160 psi.

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