Clack Systems
80-450 GPM

Nelsen Commercial Water Softeners with Clack Controls - Whether your project is a low or high-rise office building, shopping mall, hospital, hotel, college lab, restaurant, casino... Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions can assist you with job specifications, submittals, sales and engineering drawings, sizing, and selection of the equipment. Nelsen Commercial water softeners are designed for commercial applications ranging from 96,000 to 1,950,000 grains of hardness removal capacity at flow rates up to 250 gpm per tank with the 3" valve. We manufacture pre-engineered single and multiple tank systems, with full documentation and O&M manuals.

Features & Benefits

  • Control Valve

    Clack 2" and 3" valves are made of high quality, lead free brass for a long reliable life. Hydraulically balanced pistons glide effortlessly along noncorrosive spacers and seals to precise positions.

  • ​Softening Resin

    A high quality strong acid softening (cation) resin with superior chemical resistance.​

  • High Flow Distribution

    ​​Plastomer Diffusers or Hub & Lateral systems offer highly efficient distribution and collection of water and regenerants in water processing equipment.

  • Regeneration Controller

    Features the Clack solid state microprocessor controller, combining simplicity with flexibility that is easy to setup for single and multiple tank applications.

  • Protective Enclosure is Water Resistant, Rain Tight, Corrosion Resistant and UV Stable
  • MAVs-motor actuated valves for multi-tank, alternating and no HW bypass options
  • Designed for Single Tank or Multi-tank Systems, Alternating or Interlocking
  • Lead-free Brass Valve Body For Superior Strength and Durability
  • Available with programmable Day Timer or Meter to Control Regeneration
  • Variable reserve
  • Remote start, and Remote Lockout
  • Programmable auxiliary relay - fused
  • Very accurate stainless steel 2" and 3" Clack flow meters
  • Removable drop down programming POD on WS2H and WS3
  • Easy installation w/plug-in wiring harnesses
  • Networks of up to 6 valves (WS2QC) or 4 valves (WS2H & WS3)
  • Incorporates Time-Tested Hydraulically Balanced Pistons to Independently Pilot Service Flow and Regeneration
  • Fully Adjustable 5-Cycle Control Delivers Controlled Upflow Backwash, Downflow Brining, Slow Rinse, Rapid Rinse and Downflow Service
  • Simple on-site programming, field configurable for any system type using a simple programming sequence. Defaults for all valves, pistons and cams types are stored

Additional Resources

Optional Equipment
  • Gauge and Test Cock
  • ProPress Crimper

    Viega ProPress is the original copper press joining solution. A proven pipe joining method used around the world, Viega ProPress technology increases the benefits to installers and specifying engineers. ProPress offers a proven method to verify secure connections and offer a time-saving press technology in multiple materials.

  • GalleryImage

    Brine Grids - ​PVC Commercial Salt Decks are available for 39 & 50" brine tanks. A commercial brine grid that can endure the harsh environment of today's demanding water softening systems. The PVC grid plate and support structure are lightweight and corrosion resistant.

  • Clack Stainless Steel Meters

    Electronic Clack or Fleck stainless steel meters are available.

  • Interconnecting Piping

    Interconnecting Piping/Headers - Interconnecting piping and headers for multi-tank systems are available in your choice of pipe materials: Sch80PVC; copper pro-press; and galvanized. Headers are available up to 4” with system total flow rates of 240gpm to 480 gpm, assuming 35-100 psi operating pressure and acceptable velocities of 6-12 ft/second.

  • GalleryImage

    Fiberglass or steel can be specified when required, and can be spec'd to meet your specific application requirements.

  • GalleryImage

    SKID MOUNTING - Nelsen Commercial Skids are pre-engineered and assembled, offering you a low cost of installation with start-up quick and easy. Skids have an epoxy primer with an enamel finish coat in safety blue. Systems are Skid Mounted with inter-connecting piping and headers with tank isolating valves and bypass available for filters or softeners.

Clack WS2H & WS3 General Specifications

Model NumberResin TankResin QtyBrine TankCapacity RangeFlow Rate RangeBKW
WS2-21021 x 627 cf24 x 50168k - 210k66 - 85 gpm12 gpm
WS2-30024 x 7210 cf30 x 48240k - 300k73 - 94 gpm15 gpm
WS2-450 30 x 7215 cf39 x 48360k - 450k88 - 113 gpm25 gpm
WS2-60036 x 7220 cf50 x 60480k - 600k97 - 126 gpm35 gpm
WS3-30024 x 7210 cf39 x 48240k - 300k120 - 170 gpm15 gpm
WS3-45030 x 7215 cf39 x 48360k - 450k155 - 210 gpm25 gpm
WS3-60036 x 7220 cf42 x 60480k - 600k185 - 250 gpm35 gpm
WS3-90042 x 7230 cf50 x 60720k - 900k200 - 270 gpm50 gpm
WS3-1200 48 x 7240 cf50 x 60960k - 1200k205 - 280 gpm60 gpm
WS3-195060 x 7265 cf60 x 661560k - 1950k213 - 275 gpm100 gpm

Capacity range based on 9 Pounds per Cubic Foot = 24,000 Gr. C.F. to 15 Pounds per Cubic Foot = 30,000 Gr. C.F.
*Capacities are based on resin manufacturer's data and are dependent upon influent water TDS, temperature, bed depth, and flow rates. All units set at minimum salt settings. When sizing units, use minimum capacity. All flow rates are in Gallons per Minute. All sizes for Resin and Brine tanks are in inches. Resin quantities stated in cubic feet. Additional specifications available in Brochure Download above.

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