Fleck Twin-Alt
10-55 GPM

Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions Light Commercial Twin Alternating water softeners are designed to provide continuous soft water for commercial applications ranging from 15,000 to 300,000 grains of hardness removal capacity at flow rates up to 55 gpm. Twin tank water softeners monitor your daily water usage and regenerates only when necessary. Regeneration is based on your actual water usage and regenerates at any time of the day or night. This saves you salt, water and money. The twin-tank design means you always have a continuous supply of soft water, even during the regeneration process. One tank is always in “service” while the other tank is either on “standby” or regenerating.

Features & Benefits

  • ​Alternating Twin Tank Design

    Allows for continuous conditioned soft water 24 hours a day. One tank is always in service while the other is being regenerated or off-line.

  • High Capacity Resin

    A high capacity, conventional gel polystyrene strong acid cation exchange resin designed for use in commercial water softening equipment.

  • Regenerates with Soft Water.

    Soft water regeneration helps keep the system cleaner, many water supplies contain hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium), iron, rust, and sediment. The system is more efficient regenerating without the potential foulants in the feedwater.

  • Saves money

    Regeneration is based on actual water usage and regenerates at any time of the day or night. This saves salt, water and money.

  • Non-corrosive fiberglass pressure vessels
  • Tough, high density, polyethylene salt storage tank
  • Backwashing capabilities handles up to 24" diameter tanks
  • A variety of controls are available to control regeneration, electromechanical, SXT or XT electronic

Additional Resources

Optional Equipment
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    ASME Code Tanks, fiberglass or steel can be specified when required, and can be spec'd to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Commercial Brine Grid

    Commercial Salt Decks - Available for brine tanks 30" and under. A commercial brine grid that can endure the harsh environment of today's demanding water softening systems.

  • XT Controller

    XT Advanced Electronic Controller - In Time Clock Delay mode, the XT will display the number of days until the next scheduled regeneration. Some meter delated types will display the volume remaining (SRV) minus the reserve. Once the volume remaining is zero, the display will start counting down the reserve volume and queue (RGQ) regeneration


Model NumberResin TankResin QtyBrine TankCapacity RangeFlow Rate RangeBKW
NLCTA-90/91-329 x 481 cf18 x 3324k - 30k9 - 11 gpm2 gpm
NLCTA-90/91-4010 x 441.25 cf18 x 3330k - 37.5k10 - 14 gpm2.4 gpm
NLCTA-90/91-4810 x 541.5 cf18 x 3336k - 45k12 - 14 gpm2.4 gpm
NLCTA-90/91-6412 x 482.0 cf18 x 3348k - 60k13 - 20 gpm3.5 gpm
NLCTA-90/91-8013 x 542.5 cf18 x 4060k - 75k15 - 21 gpm4 gpm
NLCTA-90/91-11014 x 653.5 cf24 x 4184k - 105k17 -24 gpm5 gpm
NLCTA-90/91-12016 x 655 cf24 x 5096k - 120k17 -24 gpm7 gpm
NLCTA-95-12016 x 655 cf24 x 5096k - 120k20 - 40 gpm7 gpm
NLCTA-95-15018 x 657 cf24 x 50120k - 150k25 - 50 gpm10 gpm
NLCTA-95-21021 x 6210 cf24 x 50168k - 210k35 - 55 gpm12 gpm
NLCTA-95-30024 x 7215 cf30 x 48240k - 300k40 - 55 gpm15 gpm

Capacity range based on 9 Pounds per Cubic Foot = 24,000 Gr. C.F. to 15 Pounds per Cubic Foot = 30,000 Gr. C.F.
*Capacities are based on resin manufacturer's data and are dependent upon influent water TDS, temperature, bed depth, and flow rates. All units set at minimum salt settings. When sizing units, use minimum capacity. All flow rates are in Gallons per Minute. All sizes for Resin and Brine tanks are in inches. Resin quantities stated in cubic feet. Additional specifications available in Brochure Download above.

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